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This blog is here to experiment with the features of wordpress as a free blog.


Today I was feeling much better and got about 20 minutes of skating at my work locations parking lot. Just messed with some frontside 180 slides. I sure do dig the feeling of an 80’s shape deck but with more modern concave. Let’s just say this was my fitness for today. Back to the bike tomorrow.



I was wondering if putting in Google ads was a possibility on this wonderful free blog service from wordpress.com. Pretty much the only people that can get ads on their page are ultra high profile vip bloggers. In a nutshell this program is great for people who just want to tell their story and not worry about making any profit off it. Here is the link to the actual explanation. http://faq.wordpress.com/2005/12/08/adsense/

Ta Dah, Day 1 is a success!

According to my entry from Sunday, today was to be the startup of my fitness regime. Success! I did indeed start out with a 20 min walk with Cara and my dog Ruby before work. Work was quite fun filled since Mondays are always goodtime madness at Gravity Skateboards. Weekend orders pilling up, drop in distributors looking for orders 1 day ahead of schedule. Needless to say a bit of a workout was to be in order. I almost blew it by going to Oggi’s in Encinitas for the BBQ Chicken sandwich and a Iced tea. Luckily I passed on the fries and only ate half of the bun. Since I didn’t overeat, food coma was not an issue. It was quite easy to get motivated to do a light spin on our stationary bicycle. Time passed quickly watching a bit of comedy on the tele. I look forward to another walk tomorrow and perhaps a skate session.Almost forgot, startup weight is 159 lbs.Lamond Exercise Bike Like the bike?  

I’ll start over again

Today I will finally get myself on track to get myself back in optimal fitness. Most people look at me and say “wow, been working out?” I may look in fairly good health but to be truthful I did not have that feeling inside me. I began re-reading “Surfing and Health” by Dorian Paskowitz M.D. and the fire was relit under my sedentary ass. His book contains the usual what to do and what to eat for optimal health but what really inspires my is his take on life. I want to be like him in my old age. As I get older I see my parents health decline and it is sad to see. Mortality looks me in the eyes and says WAKE UP!I’ll be posting more updates on my progress. This morning is the Ruby dog walk and then some bicycling this evening.Cheers my friends! Thought- Must not drink too many beers, must not drink too many beers, must not drink too many beers- nice mantra, eh?

Importing blogger into wordpress

Well get a load of this. Since this is just for fun right now I tried importing my blogger account of when I lost my thumbnail. The function works fine. So enjoy the nasty photos.

T-shirt Design

I was messing around a couple weeks ago designing a t-shirt graphic for Gravity. Here it is , let me know what you think.

Gravity logo

Good Morning Wordpress!

So I wanted to test out the free blog service from wordpress. Been using the vid conf. feature on Skype to talk with my bro and share web ideas.